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Adding a Page or Document You've Created in the Kreezee backend

Click "Edit Website" in the top right corner of your screen.

A vertical menu will appear to the left of your screen. Click on the second tab from the top "Menu & Navigation"

Click on "+ Add Page".

You'll be presented with This box:

Click in the "select a page" box to reveal your options: You can add a Parent Tab: Learn More about Parent Tabs in THIS ARTICLE

"Lien Externe" or "External Line" is a link to another web page

You can link to another page in your website, or to any URL, including documents uploaded to the Kreezee Backend:

Following those two options, you'll actually see the pages you've created and saved in the Kreezee Platform Backend:

Select the page you want to add in V2 and click "Add"

Now your page will be added in V2. Note* The page will automatically be added to the menu bar. You can hide it from the menu bar by clicking the EYE shaped icon, and un-hide it by doing the same.

**Target Window**

"What is the "Target Window" drop-down and what does it do? "

Good Question!

This defines wether the menu tab you are adding opens in a new browser tab, or in the same tab.

Self = Same Tab

Blank = New Tab

Updated on: 31/08/2021