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Menu Bar Organization

Click on "Edit Website"

A vertical menu will appear to the left of your screen. Click on the second tab from the top "Menu & Navigation"

You'll start in the "Navigation" Column. Here you'll see the order of the tabs in your menu correspond with the order of the menu titles on the left.

Here you can drag the titles, by the tabs on the left side. You'll see the order of the menu on your site change in real time.


Submenus are nested under the main menu bar See below:

Shift the menu item you wish to nest, one spot to the right, and directly underneath the menu tab you'd like to nest it under.

This can be done several sub menus deep:

ADDING Menu Tabs

Click on "+ Add Page".

You'll be presented with This box:

Click in the "select a page" box to reveal your options: You can add a Parent Tab:

(this is a tab under which other menu items will nest) Example:

Simply select "Parent" and Add the name of the Menu Tab you'd like to create.

Click "Add" and "Save"

And your new Tab will be in the list on the left, but not yet in the Menu Bar. It won't appear until you've nested something under it, as it's a "Parent".

HIDE or DELETE your Menu Tabs

You might wish to temporarily hide, or delete your menu tabs. It's as simple as clicking one of these two icons. Unhiding is as easy as clicking the same icon.

Updated on: 02/09/2021