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Create Forms

Select your form language.

Give a title to your form. The title will not show on your website. It is only used to identify the form.

Describe your form. The description will not show on your website.

The email content is the message your visitors will receive by email as confirmation after filling out your form.

When a visitor fill out the form, a confirmation will be sent to you as well. Add the emails to which you want the confirmations to be sent.

An archived form won't be accessible by the visitors, but the reports will still be accessible to you.

Build your form. Several controls are available to get the information you need. Add them with the + button.

Place the controls as you wish. You can move them by drag and drop from the 3 vertical points to the left of the control. By hovering over with your mouse, you can resize the control from the square handle to the right. Edit or delete the control with the buttons.

Each control type has its options. Some controls such as the Options box allows you to add options.

You can add online payment to your form.

Add controls like in the form section.

Move the controls like in the form section.

Make sure to save your form. Add your form to a custom page to make it accessible to your visitors.

Download the report of your form in Excel format by clicking on the report button in the forms list.

Updated on: 31/08/2021