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Menu Bar Appearance

Click on "Edit Website"

A vertical menu will appear to the left of your screen. Click on the second tab from the top "Menu & Navigation"

Click on the "Appearance" menu header.

Here you're able to change the colours and font of the menu bar. Ours here is very monochrome, but we can look at adding some colour and switch the font as well:

Let's start simply. "Menu Alignment" is simply wether you want your menu left or center justified. Pretty straight forward.

Menu Bar Font is also very simple. If you'd like to change your menu bar font, size or weight, this is where to do so.

Color is where things get a little more complex, but we've labeled the options as clearly as possible. I'll make each very distinct in the below example:

The Mobile Section is strictly for the menu "Hamburger" on mobile devices, or when your browser width can't support showing a sufficient amount of the menu. This occurs because all Kreezee webpages are responsive, to fit any screen size. I'll show examples of this below:

Shrunken computer screen:

Mobile Device:

Updated on: 31/08/2021