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Working with Widgets; become a Widget Wizard!

We'll cover all of this in this article! OK, maybe not the wizard part, but you will for sure learn how to operate our various widgets and give your website the great look and feel it deserves!

Good enough? Let's get started!

What are widgets?

Widgets are a new feature we recently introduced as part of our V2 website version. They are essentially small interface "boxes" that can accomplish different functions - such as showing an image box, a news carousel, social media icons, and many more - and can be added to your website pages. They allow for great customization opportunities and while not only giving your website a great look and feel, they are super easy to manage and arrange.

How do they work?

Let's begin with adding a new widget. We'll use the homepage as an example:

On your homepage, click on "Edit Website" at the top right of the page

You will notice some new options have just become available at the top right of each widget boxes on your page, along with the "Add A Widget" buttons at the bottom

Let's break down the buttons available at the top right of each widget:

Move the widget Up or Down on the page (Widgets can only be moved up or down, not left to right)

Widget Settings (This is where you can customize the widgets; adding an image to an image box, setting up the social media links on a social media widgets, etc)

Remove the Widget from the page

How do I add a Widget?

To add a widget, simply click on one of the "Add a Widget" buttons at the bottom of the page. This list will appear:

From here, you can select the widget you want to add to your page by clicking the little "+" sign to its right

Learn more about customizing and setting up each different widget in the following articles:

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Social Media (with preview)
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Image Carousel

Updated on: 02/09/2021

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