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Set Tie Breakers

Select "Tie Breaker" tab.

Click on the Add button to add a new statistic.

You can change the order of each tie breaker rule. DESC will sort the standings in descending order for this particular rule. ASC will sort the standings in ascending order for this particular rule.

Use the arrows to move the tie breaker rule up or down. The higher the rule, the more important it is.

Use the "x" to remove a tie breaker rule.

**Change Standings Manually**

Use the Active switch to activate or deactivate the manual standings.

Choose the standings mode.

Use the Reset button to erase all the changes you made to the standings.

Warning : the standings will be reset immediately, even before you hit save.

Use the arrows to change the position of teams. You can only change the teams with the same statistic. This statistic is determined by the tie breaker you determined previously.

Make sure to hit the Save button to save all your changes.

Updated on: 31/08/2021