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Create customizable brackets

1. From your Kreezee admin home page, click on the SEASONS / PLAYOFFS menu and click on the ADD button

2. For season type, select MULTIPLE GAMES PLAYOFFS, set a season NAME, STARTING and ENDING DATE


3. From the season settings, go to GROUPS / TEAMS tab.

4.Select teams and groups to add to the season. Use the Add button to add them to the season.

5.Select teams and groups to move or to remove them. Choose a group in which you want to move them in or use the Remove button to remove them from the season.

6.Make sure you Save your modifications.

Groups and teams

7. Set all the playoffs settings for PERIODS, STANDINGS, TIE BREAKERS and STATS.

8. Go to BRACKETS tab and click on ADD ROUND. Set a round name, the number of matchups (if there are byes, includes them in the matchup), set the type (sudden death, best of 3, etc.)

9. For each round, hit the GENERATE GAMES for each matchups having games to be played (for byes matchups, do not hit the GENERATE GAMES button). For each matchup, provide a MATCHUP NAME ("Seed #1 bye" or "Seed #6 vs Seed #3" for example)

10. As soon as you know what team is playing, you can hit the edit team icon and select the appropriate team. For byes, just select one team for that matchup.

11. Link the games with the ones you previously created in your GAMES AND EVENTS menu of the Kreezee admin

You still use the GAMES AND EVENTS menu to access your games lineups and to update your scores. The teams will not advance by themselves in the brackets so once a team advance, you have to repeat step 10 of this tutorial.

12. Make sure you hit the SAVE button.

You're done!

Updated on: 06/04/2022