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Set Brackets

From your League / Tournament admin home page, click on the SEASONS / PLAYOFFS menu.

Click on the EDIT icon of your SEASON / PLAYOFF. First you will need to ensure that the league is set as a "ROUND ROBIN +SINGLE ELIMINATION" in the information box.

Click on the BRACKETS tab.

Click on the ADD DIVISION button and select the divisions you want to set brackets. * You can have multiple brackets for the same SEASON / PLAYOFFS.

This step had been removed

This step is now done later in the process

Select the division you need to set. The names of all the divisions you added will be on top. Just below the term brackets, you will find a drop down menu (YELLOW). This is where you select the division you need to set.

In the case you are using the first two from each pool, choose the setting shown here. You can now press on CREATE BRACKETS

Click on the LINK icon to link a game to your bracket.

* Please note that you need create your games through GAMES / EVENT menu before you set your brackets.

Select the game to link with the bracket.

Click on the LINK button.

Once you completed to link all your brackets to your games, click on SAVE.

Once your ROUND ROBIN is over for the selected division, you can now proceed to import teams.

Click on the IMPORT TEAMS button.

Double check if teams imported fits with your seeds.

Use the EDIT icon if you need to change a seeded team.

Once you double checked and you're good with the teams in place, click on YES at the "Publish on the Website" step.

Click on SAVE. Your brackets are now available from your TOURNAMENT BRACKETS menu of your Website.

* You will not need to advance teams in the following rounds. As long as you linked games to each tournament bracket, teams will advance automatically when a game or round is over.

Updated on: 27/01/2023

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