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Connecting 2 Stripe Accounts with 2 Websites

You're going to want to set up your Stripe accounts before you start connecting them to Kreezee. When you're done setting those up, log into your first Kreezee account and go to "Online Payment"

On the next screen click "Connect"

In the top right corner of the next screen you'll see an option for those who already have a Stipe account

Select "Sign in" and proceed to sign into the Stripe account you'd like to associate with your Kreezee account. You've connected your first account, as normal.

That is all standard, but the second account is where things change slightly:

Log out of the first Kreezee account and log into your second one.

You'll go to "Online Payment" again. It should not be connected yet. Do not click "Connect" yet.

Instead, go back to Stripe and click the "person" icon in the top right, and select "Sign out"

Now you'll head back to Kreezee and click the "Connect" button from before.

You'll again see this screen:

You'll again select the "Sign in" text, and proceed to sign into you second Stripe account.

You MUST sign out of Stripe in this order, so your browser doesn't connect BOTH Kreezee accounts to the same Stripe account.

Updated on: 31/08/2021