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Adding a video to your custom pages

Copy the "Embed" link of the video you wish to add to your page (See below to discover where to get this "Embed" link).

On your custom page editor, click on the globe button to add an Iframe to your page.

A settings window will open.

Under General, paste the "Embed" video link you previously copied into the URL field

Still under General, type in the desired Width & Height of the video. We recommend going by the hundred to keep this part simple.

Under Advanced, type in the following code into the "Style" field: max-width:100%
(This will ensure that your video size adjusts to the size of the screen of the device you are viewing the website on)

Press "OK" and save your changes.


Where do I find the "Embed" link?

Open the target youtube video link.

Click on the "Share" button at the bottom right of the video player.

Select the "Embed" option

A full string of code will appear. What you need is only the video link itself that is within this string of code as shown here:

5.Copy this link.


Updated on: 31/08/2021