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Team managers - Rosters management

Login with your credentials on a computer or lap top at
After successful login, you should see a screen like that, most people try at this point to click on their team’s name under the teams tab on the left. But instead, click on the tournament/league's link under the proper tab. (Identified by yellow marker)

Now, click on teams at the top of your screen. You should have only one link available for you.

Roster management 2

You will see your team at this point that you are managing. If you have been identified as a team manger for more than one team, they will all appear there. Click on the pencil icon at the right to edit the team.

Rosters management 3

You will now see tabs, players will add of course players. You can edit and delete them through that tab. You can add multiple players to if you click on the wheel right next to the add icon. Use the template that is available on the second wheel that will appear after you clicked on the first one.

Rosters management 4

For coaches and other team staff, use the staff tab.

To edit player's information, use the players tab, and click on the pencil next to a player's name so you can update his personal information, like his Position, Height, Weight...

Updated on: 17/02/2023

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