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Adding team managers for a tournament or a league

Adding team managers can be a very good solution if you are managing a tournament involving a lot of teams. It can also be a good solution if you want to give a certain flexibility to your league's teams to add players without you having to manage every roster's changes.

Ensure you do your invitation through the My staff link at the top of your back end. Adding team mangers through the management tab in the team section won't allow them to add coaches or team staff.

Team managers-1

You should now see three tabs at the center of your screen, select the 3rd one, Team managers

Team managers-2

All your teams will now appear. You can search any team by typing their name on the left or scroll down until you find the one you want to add a team manager. Simply click on Add a team manager for each team. The yellow dots besides a manager's name means that he/she received the invitation but didn't complete the process. Green dots means they are good to go.

Team managers-3

A new window will now open, enter the mangers email and give him the rights you need him to have. You can contact us to get advices on which right mangers should have. It depends of your needs and type of event.

Team mangers-4

Your mangers will now just need to complete the subscription process and they will be all good to go! I recommend you are sending them the link for the manager tutorial.

Team managers tutorial

Updated on: 16/05/2022