In order to scorekeep a game properly, simply follow these steps. Really important to remember at the end of the game, at the final buzzer, to change the status of the game to FINISHED and save.

Log in with your credentials on the Kreezee's website. Games are scorekeep in the backend, don't go on the actual website of the league or tournament to do so.

Click on your event abbreviation in the left menu, depending on which tournament or league you are working on.

Click on the GAMES/EVENTS menu at the top.

Find your game you are assign to, using the different options available to you. You can filter games first by day, and then by example select the rink you are assign to. You could also filter by team if you prefer which would narrow the games available down.

When you'll find your game, simply click on the STAT icon at the right of the game

You will now see four different tabs at the top of the lineups. When entering that page, you will directly be under the Lineups tab, simply click all the players that were printed and checked by the coach if they provided one to you. If not, click them all here, it's probably because the event isn't asking for a certain number of games to be available for futher games in the event. Ensure to repeat that process for the Goalies and in some cases, for coaches.

IMPORTANT TIP: SAVE AFTER EACH EVENT AND NEVER PRESS SAVE A SECOND TIME IF YOU ARE UNDER THE IMPRESSION IT ISN'T SAVING, INSTEAD, CLICK SOMEWHERE ELSE IN THE TOP MENU AND COME BACK IN THE GAME AND RENTER THE LAST EVENT. THAT REACTION OF THE PLATFORM IS HAPPENING WHEN A POOR INTERNET CONNECTION IS OCCURING . Also, we can set the time of event to Time elapsed or time you see on the scoreboard, we do set that prior to the event with event's director so simply do what they tell you to do regarding this, the platform will adjust everything.


Updated on: 07/04/2024