Multi-season Roster management

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When returning in a multi season leagues or tournaments, players can:
a. Not return (retired, left school program...)
b. Change team within the same organisation (Graduated from JV to Varsity, MS to JV...)
c. Change team within the league ( Trade, school transfer, release)
d. Play for a first season )Drafted, new in the program...)
e. Play for the same team again

If a player doesn't return to your team (Case A, B, C) simply set the player inactive in the team he isn't playing for anymore. Click on teams in the top menu, then on the pencil next to the team you want to edit. Then click on the players tab and set the status to inactive.

If a player graduated within your program, follow all steps explained at step 3. After setting the player inactive, click on the pencil to edit the player and the go at the bottom part of his profile and select the team he will be playing for in the list after clicking on ADD TO A TEAM. All teams for who the players played will be shown there, usually, only one is active. But for scholastic leagues, it is common to have a JV player active in both JV and Varsity

If a player left your organization to play somewhere else in the league, simply set the player inactive. The league will take care of putting it active in his/her new team

Players playig for a first season needs to be created. refer to the tutorial on how to add a player

If a player returns and play for the same team, no actions are required. Leave his status as active in the same team.

Updated on: 10/08/2023