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Merging two players together

When managing leagues or tournament over a certain period of time, it is possible that a player plays in many years in your event. When you create a player and the name already exists, you will be asked by the system if you want to use the player that already exists or create a new one. In case of doubt, select create a new one as the process to merge players is really easy. If you would use same players, and that you realize in the future that it should have been two different players, even if they have the same name, separate their player's profile is a complex tasks involving to delete all scores from game the merged players played and redo the scoring of the games with the proper players. So, again, in case of doubt when creating a player, create a new one and when you get the confirmation that the players are in fact the same, just follow the steps below.

When you will be in your dashboard, first select players, then click on the gear and then merge players.

You can search for a player's name or simply scroll down to look at multiple entries. Select the players you want to merge together and click on next step

On the next screen, you will be asked to confirm the merge. The player who will receive the merge will get all datas entered for that player, including profile picture and stats from both players will now be shown on the website. You can swap players to decide which one will receive the datas. Click on merge to confirm.

You will be asked to confirm again, as this action is irreversible.

Updated on: 19/10/2022