EXPORTING - Players Info (League administrator)

This article could be very useful if you intend to create a booklet for scouts or to print and give to your spectators.

Login with your administrator credentials at kreezee.com

Click on your league or tournament abbreviation, in the left column. As per example, let's export data from the NAPHL.

In the top menu, click on PLAYERS, then on the gear wheel and select EXPORT EXCEL.

An EXCEL file will be downloaded to your computer. You can then create filters and sort the file as you wish. Ensure to enable editing first.

You will see number under status, Status 1 is active, so that should be your first sort, making the file gets you only the active players. Other Status number you could see:

0: Inactive
1: Active
2: International
3: Injured
4: Suspended
6: Temporary
7: Reserve

If you gave some rights to your team managers, you probably want to include some of the other status in your sort. As an example, if they listed one of their player as injured, you still probably want him/her in the booklet, so include those status in your sort.

Creating a custom sort, using only status 1 for active players, then sort by team and finally by number should get you all the info you need.

Updated on: 21/02/2023