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Add Multiple Games form an Excel File

Video tutorial: Add multiple games from an Excel file

From your League admin home page, click on the GAMES / EVENTS menu.

Click on the GEAR icon and select ADD MULTIPLE GAMES.

Click on the gear icon and download the Excel template and use it to enter alll your games in this Excel template. Make sure you name your teams and locations the exact same way as inside Kreezee admin.

Select game type.

Select the calendar related to this game.

From your Excel spreadsheet template, copy all the cells containing your games

data including all columns showed in the template. Do not copy column titles row. From the Add multiple games window of Kreezee, use your computer mouse and right click in the DATE cell and click on PASTE.

Wait for all data to be pasted and then click on SAVE button.

Updated on: 31/08/2021